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our mission

home for homeless

As we grow we ant to be know for doing good in our community, success is only success once you can help someone, we will also be sponsoring building homes for the needy.

helping hands

Provide Universal Help to our communities , our members should be known as help providers who can also give their time to assist in communities they living in.

Charity Donations

As we grow we will also consider donations to charities especially children charities , if we want to change the future we must invest in changing and shaping our youth.


Our Universal Help community members will earn 100% growth monthly of any amount they contributed in our community as an appreciation to change your life.


We have develop a system, that must last for years, therefore 20% recommitment of the total amount you withdraw will be an upfront recommitment, as we change your life others also must be changed.

referral program

To reward those who help us to grow the community, participants are credited with a 10% referrals bonuses on all their direct referrals.Guiders gets referral bonus of 5%,3%,2%,1% and so on each level.

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